Dimitrios Kardasis


Nationality: Greek Languages Spoken: English, Spanish Previous Yachts: Al Mirqab Favourite yachting destination: Greek islands, Caribbean Interesting fact about themselves: With over 15 years of professional experience both in yachting and commercial shipping, always focusing on security, discretion, reliability and dedication to every detail of my profession. Hobbies/Interests: Argentine tango, Sailing, Cycling, Water sports, Photography What do you think makes a good charter?: When it comes to luxury yacht charters, this type of vacation is rightfully seen as the ultimate holiday. No matter where you go, selecting the right people for your journey is crucial. A charter holiday is something very special and should go as smoothly as possible. While it’s pretty difficult not to enjoy any private charter experience, the crew is the single most important factor which can elevate your charter experience from a fantastic holiday to a transcendent experience.

Vasilis Kyriakopoulos

First Officer

Nationality: Greek Languages Spoken: English Previous Yachts: “Lady Hayat”, “Christina O”, “Harmony G”, “Panorama” Favorite yachting destination: Amalfi Coast Interesting fact about themselves: From a young child I was walking in the marina of Poros island where I grew up and I admired the captains and yachts, I realized what I wanted to do growing up. A few years later I started my career at Commercial shipping and Bulk Careers and from 2014 in the Yachting industry with 7 years of seagoing experience at both private and charter yachts. Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Sailing, Trekking, Sport Activities Music, Movies What do you think makes a good charter?: Good charter means happy guests. The real question is how you will succeed on this. The answer is simple. You have to think out of the box. Put yourself in the shoes of a Guest. What if you are the one who booked the yacht for vacations? What you need to feel comfortable and relaxed? What it takes to have a good time? What makes you happy? Life is a collection of memories. So, you have to get in this mentality and give the guests some good memories.

Kostas Chentikian

Chief Engineer

Nationality: Greek Languages Spoken: English Previous Yachts: “Samhan” Favourite yachting destination: Greek Islands Interesting fact about themselves: I have 31 years’ experience as Engineer and the last 16 years at the yachting industry. My passion for the sea and my job is very big. Hobbies/Interests: Diving, read books. What do you think makes a good charter? Manager, captain and crew corporate is the key for a success charter. Best crew have longevity of service, work well together as a happy team while getting to know charter guests old and new. They may need to have the adrenaline rush as well as the challenge to do a great job when working as a team to pull it off. Every crew member must provide a personalized, dedicated service for their guests from the moment they step on board until it’s time to leave. At the end of the day, the crew have the ability to make or break a charter voyage. At yacht charter need have state-of-the-art facilities such audio visuals, water toys, a fitness room, spa, beauty parlour and first-class communications.

Inna Puklich

Chief Stewardess

Nationality: Ukrainian Languages Spoken: Russian, English Previous Yachts: Favorite yachting destination: Interesting fact about themselves: Started yachting in 2010,I have been chief stewardess for 8 seasons, last five season worked on same boat. Hard-worker and with positive vibes Hobbies/Interests: zumba dancing, reading books, table scaping, mixology What do you think makes a good charter?: In my opinion a good charter consists of a very good crew that is organized and understands their role in each department. The crew should be stable and consistent with a very enthusiastic approach to their work. The crew should be passionate about the yachting industry, good in communication and quick thinking. A good charter should have good guest entertainment and an exciting program

Kostas Chrisos


Nationality: Greek/American Languages Spoken: English, French Previous Yachts: “Pathos”, “Gitana” Favourite yachting destination: Greek Islands Interesting fact about themselves: walking, enjoying a god meal with friends and family Hobbies/Interests: reading books, music, painting Signature Dish: Octopus with fava beans, orange sauce with star anise Specialist Cooking Style: Mediterranean, creative cuisine What do you think makes a good charter?: The good charter makes the inhabitants of the yacht. When the crew and the charterers are happy, the charter is good. In order to succeed the good charter the needs to work as a team. The crew need to find out what are the expectations of the charterers and to over exceed them. Then the charter becomes unforgettable. As from my side, I need to find what are the nutrition habits of the clients and to send the charterers into new nutrition adventures combing the local and not only fine dining options.

Stelios Stefanidis

Second Officer

Nationality: Greek Languages Spoken: English Previous Yachts: On “Bliss” since 2018 Favourite yachting destination: Greek Islands Interesting fact about themselves: I love the sea and that’s why I choose to become a Seafarer. Hobbies/Interests: Water sports, running, reading books What do you think makes a good charter?: A good charter it depends from the good mood of the guests and the crew. The crew need to participate with great care to make sure that the guests are always enjoying themselves, doing things are wanted to do, and that guests have everything they need. Cooperation between crew, crew and charterer is the most important secret for a successful charter. Under these circumstances all the charters are touching the perfection

Catia Sintorkina

Deckhand (1)

Nationality: Greek Languages Spoken: English – Russian – Greek Previous Yachts: Velvet Blue – My Office – Zeus – Bash - Bliss Favourite yachting destination: French Riviera – Dominican Republic Interesting fact about themselves: I found the word freedom into the sea so I truly believe I am one of the daughters of Poseidon, ask me for more Greek Mythology. Hobbies/Interests: I am a book eater a winetaster and a globetrotter. What do you think makes a good charter? The fulfillment of guest expectations and even beyond.

Spiros Meis

Deckhand (2)

Nationality: Greek Languages Spoken: English Previous Yachts: Bliss Favourite yachting destination: Greek islands Interesting fact about themselves: I am an outboard engineer for over 30 years, I have also been driving small boats for 35 years. Hobbies/Interests: Bike riding, endure, mountain biking, spear fishing, free diving. What do you think makes a good charter? A good charter has a good atmosphere with cooperative crew. Lots of adventure and activities for guests. Safety should always come first for both guests and crew during a charter. A good charter should also involve a crew that does their very best to attend to all the needs of the guests to succeed their maximum satisfaction.

Savanna Herzberg

Stewardess (1)

Nationality: South African (Zimbabwe) Languages Spoken: English Previous Yachts: “Funky Choise”, “Albatross” Favourite yachting destination: Mediterranean Sea Interesting fact about themselves: I started yachting in 2018 when I was 18 years old. I hold my YTT 2OOhr Yoga certification which I completed in Goa, India. Hobbies/Interests: Yoga, hiking, meditation, reading, dancing What do you think makes a good charter?: A good charter for me goes over and beyond the customer's satisfactory expectation and leaves the crew feeling proud of all their efforts. Good communication between crew and guests to ensure that everything runs smoothly is crucial for an enjoyable charter on both parts. Consistency is key when it comes to luxury, therefore, standards in all departments should be kept to the highest level possible. Above all, I think a good charter should involve big smiles, lots of laughter, and positive and vibrant energy on board at all times. A good charter is a happy charter

Tess Jarvis

Stewardess (2)

Nationality:British Languages Spoken: English Previous Yachts: M/Y Gazzella II and M/Y Sokar Favourite yachting destination:Malta Interesting fact about themselves: I am a very sporty person with a love for personal training and sports massage and I completed my courses in Cape Town as well as au paired in England and Cape Town for a few years. Hobbies/Interests: watersports, horse show jumping, running, gym. What do you think makes a good charter?: A good charter for me is meeting all the customers needs to the best of our ability and always making the customers happy and feel at home. It is also working with a good team of crew as teamwork is dreamwork. I think working with a happy, friendly crew also helps life onboard with the guests a lot better because it will give off a happy positive vibe to everyone around.